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Nationwide, people turn to bicycles as a recreational way to get around town. In some areas, this can be your primary mode of transportation. According to the CDC, bicyclists account for 2 percent of people who die in collisions. That means thousands of cyclists are injured or killed annually. The roads are meant to be shared by everyone on all types of vehicles. Motorists can dominate the streets, but that does not give them the right to hurt others. After a bike accident, speak to a Virginia bicycle accident attorney as soon as you can.

Drivers Endanger Cyclists

Drivers should respect others on the road. Unfortunately, drivers are not paying attention to the road or ignoring bicyclists. Since you are on a smaller bike, the motorists are likely not looking for you. That does not excuse their negligence. 

Lack of attentiveness is a significant factor in bicycle accidents. Countless factors can lead to bicycle accidents.

The most common include:

  • Failure to yield
  • Speeding 
  • Failure to signal 
  • Improper lane change
  • Not leaving enough distance for the bicycle 
  • Distractions
  • Failure to stop at a stop sign or traffic light 
  • Poor visibility 
  • Reckless driving 
  • Drivers turning in front of cyclist 
  • Intoxication of drugs or alcohol 

Drivers must respect cyclists and not intentionally cause them harm. The likelihood of a collision is high. When a driver is negligent, you must speak to a Virginia personal injury attorney for options. 

Injuries Can Be Catastrophic

Cyclists can suffer significant injuries since a bicycle does not offer as much protection as a car. It is essential to seek medical attention to assess your condition. Some of the most common bicycle accident injuries include:

  • Fractures 
  • Spinal cord trauma 
  • Mental health conditions
  • Soft tissue injuries 
  • Road rash 
  • Traumatic brain injuries 
  • Skull fractures
  • Neck and back injuries

Sometimes there are secondary injuries from a person being thrown from their bike. Recovering financial compensation can help you pay for medical treatment. A Virginia personal injury lawyer can help you handle the legal claim and get you the compensation you deserve.

Death is Prevalent in Bicycle Accidents

Over 130,000 people are injured in crashes in bicycle accidents in the United States. While injuries can have a path toward healing, one incident does not. Annually, nearly 1,000 people die in bicycle crashes. There is no recovery from the death of a loved one. The family is reeling from this senseless act. Do not feel hopeless. A Virginia bicycle accident attorney can help.

If a loved one dies, you can file a wrongful death claim. Surviving families can work to hold the responsible party financially liable for this loss. It is not an easy process, but you have options. RVA Personal Injury Lawyers can help families get justice for losing a loved one in a bicycle accident. 

Discuss Your Options With a Virginia Bicycle Accident Attorney

Bicycle accident victims often feel helpless after a crash. They believe they have no path to recovery. The reality is you have the right to pursue compensation for your losses. However, recovering compensation is made difficult by the insurance company. A Virginia personal injury attorney can negotiate with the insurer for fair compensation. Start your claim by calling RVA Personal Injury Lawyers at (804) 915-1611 for an initial consultation.


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  • $10,000,000

    Defendant, while racing on a residential road, crashed into an oncoming driver causing catastrophic injuries.

  • $9,000,000

    Defendant failed to properly secure a display at its store which led to it falling on a child causing life altering injuries.

  • $1,500,000

    Defendant failed to keep the entrance of its store safe for the public causing significant injuries. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

For answers specific to your case, please give us a call at (804) 915-1611 or contact us online.

How long do I have to file a personal injury lawsuit?

The statute of limitations is two years for most personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death cases in Virginia.

For most cases, you must file a lawsuit within that time frame. But there are exceptions. Give us a call at (804) 915-1611 to discuss your options.

What is the amount of a verdict or settlement based on?

In Virginia, the jury considers the following factors when deciding the amount of a verdict:

(1) Any bodily injuries sustained and their effect on health according to their degree and probable duration;

(2) Any physical pain and mental anguish suffered in the past and any that may be reasonably expected to suffer in the future;

(3) Any disfigurement or deformity and any associated humiliation or embarrassment suffered in the past and any that may be reasonably expected to suffer in the future;

(4) Any inconvenience caused in the past and any that probably will be caused in the future;

(5) Any medical expenses incurred in the past and any that may be reasonably expected to occur in the future;

(6) Any earnings lost because of being unable to work at their calling;

(7) Any loss of earnings and lessening of earning capacity, or either, that may reasonably be expected to sustain in the future; and

(8) Any property damage sustained.

Virginia Model Jury Instruction No. 9.000: General Personal Injury and Property Damage

Is there a cap on how much compensation I can receive?

There is no cap on damages in most personal injury cases. But there is a cap on damages in medical malpractice cases. 

There is also a cap on punitive damages. 

Your personal injury lawyer should pursue the full and fair value of what was taken from your health and quality of life.

What makes RVA Personal Injury Lawyers different?

Sharif Gray has won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements, and he is known for taking cases to trial.

We are not settlement lawyers. We are committed to trying cases well. Because of that, we do not handle hundreds of cases at a time. We are selective in the cases we take so we can get justice for the people we represent. 

How much is our Attorney’s Fee?

Nothing until we win your case.

We work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

If we resolve your case before filing a lawsuit, we charge a fee of up to 33.33% of the recovery. After a lawsuit is filed, we may charge a fee of up to 40% of the recovery.

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