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5 Steps to Take After An Airplane Accident Injury

From commercial airlines to private planes to helicopter crashes, aviation accidents can be absolutely devastating. Regardless of the circumstances, the aftermath of a plane crash can leave victims and their families facing complex legal issues. That’s in addition to the physical and emotional trauma. 

If you or a loved one have been involved in an aviation disaster, consulting with the best aviation accident lawyers can be the difference between no compensation and maximum compensation for personal injury claims

A skilled aviation accident attorney can fight for your rights, navigate aviation laws with ease and help you secure the compensation you need to cover medical expenses, lost wages and future accident-related expenses. Contact us today to consult with our experienced aviation accident lawyers in Virginia. 

If you have suffered injuries because of someone else’s negligence, we are here to help. Sharif Gray has won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. Call us at (804) 915-1611 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. We will get justice for you. 

Step One – Understand The Nature of Aviation Accidents

From small plane crashes to commercial aviation accidents, these incidents are caused by a wide range of reasons. Generally, a few of the most common factors that contribute to airplane and helicopter crashes include:

  • Pilot error
  • Lack of appropriate aircraft maintenance
  • Weather conditions posing significant risks for air travel 
  • Air traffic control errors

Many aviation accidents involve the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to determine the root cause as well as identify specific safety improvements. 

Due to the complexities of these kinds of cases, it’s generally in your best interest to consult with a legal professional that’s familiar with Federal and Virginia aviation accident law

If you or a loved one have been involved in a commercial aviation accident, small plane crash or any other type of aviation disaster, it’s absolutely crucial that your attorney understands the ins and outs of your aviation accident case

Step Two – Contact An Aviation Accident Lawyer

Aviation accident cases can be incredibly complex. In many instances, they involve international flights, intricate aviation law, and multiple liable parties. This is why it’s crucial for aviation accident victims and their families to seek legal representation from experienced aviation accident attorneys

When you work with an aviation lawyer, you can expect your attorney to: 

  • Conduct Thorough Investigations
  • Have an In-Depth Understanding of  Aviation Law
  • Maximize Your Compensation
  • Handle Complex Litigation
  • Protect Your Rights
  • Advocate For Your Best Interests

If you or a loved one have suffered serious injuries or lost family members in an aviation accident, don’t wait until it’s too late to seek compensation. Contact us today for your free consultation with Virginia personal injury lawyers you can trust. 

Step 3: Seek Compensation After a Plane Crash

Surviving a plane crash, whether it’s a major commercial aviation accident, a helicopter crash or a small plane crash, is a life-altering experience. Aside from the immediate physical injuries, victims and surviving family members may (and most likely will) face long-term financial and emotional burdens.

An experienced aviation accident lawyer can fight to secure the compensation you deserve, which may include:

  • Medical Expenses: Full coverage for past, present and future medical care (related to the accident), including rehabilitation and therapy.
  • Lost Wages: Recouping income lost due to your injuries or due to the loss of a family member in a fatal aviation accident.
  • Pain and Suffering: Compensation for the physical pain, emotional distress and trauma endured as a result of the aviation disaster.
  • Wrongful Death: Suppose an aviation accident results in loss of life. In these cases, the surviving family members may be entitled to wrongful death damages (i.e., financial losses, funeral expenses and compensation for lost companionship). 
  • Liability Considerations: Aviation accident claims can be complex. Airline owners, airplane manufacturers, air carriers or even ground crew error may contribute to crashes.

Whether it’s a wrongful death claim or a serious injury claim, navigating the ins and outs of aviation law, dealing with the insurance company and understanding your legal rights afterwards can be devastating. 

That’s why it’s crucial to seek legal services from aviation attorneys who have a knack for aviation accident lawsuits in Virginia as soon as possible. Contact us today – Our attorneys are here to fight for the maximum aviation accident settlement or judgment on your behalf. 

Step 4: Choose the Right Aviation Accident Lawyer

Hiring an attorney is important, but working with the “right attorney” is even more essential. From a devastating commercial aviation accident to fatal accidents involving recreational airplanes, both victims and their families typically need the experience and skill of experienced aviation lawyers

Here’s what to look for in an aviation accident law firm:

Proven Experience in Aviation Cases

Choose an attorney who understands the nuances of  aviation accidents and aviation law. Look for a track record of success in personal injury cases. Thus maximizing your chances for a fair aviation accident settlement

Investigative Resources

Thoroughly investigating aviation crashes requires access to experts like accident reconstruction specialists, aviation safety consultants and medical professionals. Your lawyer should have these resources at their disposal.

Tackling Liable Parties

Aviation accident cases can involve multiple responsible parties in the aviation industry, including commercial airlines, a private plane operator, aircraft manufacturers and even air traffic control. Your lawyer must be prepared to navigate these complexities and fight for maximum compensation.

Understanding Your Rights

Federal agencies, international treaties and specific aviation laws govern air travel. An experienced aviation lawyer can explain your rights and options for pursuing an aviation accident claim in Virginia. 

Support Beyond the Courtroom

Plane crashes cause emotional devastation. Choose a lawyer who will offer compassionate support alongside their legal expertise, especially when dealing with wrongful death claims for the loss of crew members or loved ones.

Step 5: Speak With Our Airplane Accident Lawyers in Virginia Today

Surviving an aviation disaster or losing loved ones in an airplane crash is a life-changing experience. Seeking legal representation from a qualified aviation accident lawyer is essential for protecting your rights, navigating the legal system and securing compensation for injured air travelers and their families. 

If you’ve been involved in a commercial airline accident, small plane crash, or any other aircraft accident in Virginia, contact RVA Personal Injury Lawyers for your free consultation today.

“We Get Justice For Injured People, and We Love What We Do”

We are not settlement lawyers. Sharif Gray has proven that he can and will get results in court, and the insurance companies know that. If you have suffered injuries because of someone else’s negligence, we can help.

Sharif is committed to trying cases well. Because of that, he does not handle hundreds of cases at a time. He is selective in the cases he takes so he can get justice for the people he represents. In every case, he has three goals:

  1. Hold the responsible corporation or individual fully accountable.
  2. Make the community safer, so others are not also harmed.
  3. Compensation that recognizes the full and fair value of what was taken from your health and quality of life.

We love what we do, and we are proud of the positive impact we have had and will continue to have on the people we represent and the community we live in.

If we can be of help to you, please do not hesitate to call us at (804) 915-1611 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. We will get justice for you.


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