Judges Are People Too

“You’re doing too much; it’s just a bench trial.”


A bench trial is still a trial: opening statement, direct examinations, cross examinations, and closing argument.

Judges are people too. They make decisions just like jurors, so it is in our client’s benefit to approach bench trials the same way we approach jury trials.

As such, with the exception of jury selection, the preparation and presentation for a bench trial should be the same as a jury trial.

And the other side will not be prepared for it, because they will expect that you will approach the trial like it’s “just a bench trial.”

(Bonus: The Judge will appreciate your effort and their verdict may reflect that.)


Based On 90 Reviews

  • $10,000,000

    Defendant, while racing on a residential road, crashed into an oncoming driver causing catastrophic injuries.

  • $9,000,000

    Defendant failed to properly secure a display at its store which led to it falling on a child causing life altering injuries.

  • $1,500,000

    Defendant failed to keep the entrance of its store safe for the public causing significant injuries. 

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