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New Driving Laws in Virginia 2024

Staying on top of the latest driving laws in VA isn’t always easy. However, if you don’t, it could result in costly tickets, license suspension, or even impoundment of your vehicle. In this post, we dive into some of the new laws taking effect in 2024 as well discuss a few important driving laws in Virginia that you should keep at the top of your mind. 

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Newest Laws For Drivers in Virginia

There are plenty of subtle changes to Virginia traffic laws, that if you’re not careful, you can easily miss. Staying updated about these changes can save you a lot of money, time, and headaches. 

Uninsured Motorist Regulatory Updates

Currently, Virginia Code §46.2-708 mandates that if an uninsured vehicle gets into an accident resulting in wrongful death, injury, or property damages, and the owner hasn’t paid the uninsured motor vehicle fee, their license and registration will be suspended. After, the owner must pay $600 for a noncompliance fee and provide proof of future financial responsibility. 

Starting on July 1, 2024, the owner of said vehicle will have an opportunity to participate in an administrative hearing where they can contest the suspension and fee. However, they have to request the hearing within 180 days of the commission’s decision. 

Virginia’s Non Compliance Fee Payment Changes

Beginning July 1, 2024, Virginia’s § 46.2-707.1 rolls out a payment plan for those with uninsured vehicles who are facing license and registration suspension. It will give uninsured drivers up to three years to pay their noncompliance fees. 

Once they pay the $25 administration fee to enroll or reenter the program, their license and registration will be reinstated. However, if they default on their payment plan, their suspension will continue until they can make a full payment as well as furnish their proof of financial responsibility. 

Highway Usage Fees for Alternative and Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

46.2-772  in the Virginia code isn’t a new law, but it’s been recently implemented and continually updated. Essentially, it imposes an annual highway usage fee for alternative fuel vehicles, electric motor vehicles, and fuel-efficient vehicles. 

The registration fee (calculated at 85% of the fuel tax for a standard fuel economy vehicle) will be calculated based on the vehicle’s fuel efficiency. It’s important to note that this law doesn’t apply to: 

  • Motorcycles and mopeds 
  • Vehicles weighing over 10,000 pounds
  • Government-owned vehicles
  • Vehicles registered under the International Registration Plan 
  • Mileage-based user fee program vehicles

Virginia’s Proof of Insurance Regulations

46.2-902.1 currently mandates that motorists involved in an accident present proof of insurance or evidence of payment of the uninsured vehicle registration fee within a thirty-day window of their accident. 

However, starting July 1, 2024, this law requires that drivers only provide proof of insurance and eliminates the option to show payment of the uninsured vehicle registration. It’s important to note that this change does not state that Virginia is abolishing the uninsured vehicle registration fee altogether. 

Important VA Driving Laws to Consider

Understanding important driving laws in Virginia can protect your health, finances, and ability to seek damages after a car accident. Generally, here are a few key traffic laws to keep in mind the next time you are in a car. 

Driving Too Slowly

We all know the dangers of speeding. However, what’s not always as apparent is how dangerous driving too slowly can be. With that in mind, driving under the speed limit, particularly in a passing lane, can result in a ticket and demerit points on your license. Further, if someone violates this law and gets into an accident, they could be liable for all damages that occur. 

Hands-Free Driving Regulations

Distracted driving injures thousands of people every year – Which is why Virginia doesn’t allow the use of a handheld device (i.e., cell phone, tablet, etc.) while operating a motor vehicle. Not only can this kind of distraction lead to a ticket, but it could also result in a collision. 

Tailgating Laws

Driving too closely in Virginia is illegal and dangerous. That’s because tailgating put’s vehicles at much higher risk of colliding. As such, an individual could face both traffic and civil penalties (i.e., a personal injury lawsuit) if they follow too closely and cause an accident. 

Contact RVA Personal Injury Lawyers Today

Staying updated about important Virginia driving laws can keep your insurance premiums down and ensure you do everything in your power to avoid a collision. However, some accidents are unavoidable. 

If you or a loved one has been involved in a collision due to the negligence of another driver, it’s in your best interest to consult an attorney as soon as possible. Don’t wait until it’s too late to seek the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to speak with an experienced Virginia car accident attorney you can trust.

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