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Top Rated Personal Injury Lawyer in Harrisonburg

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Harrisonburg Five Star Lawyer

  • “Likely one of the most qualified personal injury lawyers within the State. Would be my first recommendation for anyone, friend or family member, that needed representation after being injured. I cannot recommend Sharif enough.”

    Brandon E.

  • “In a legal profession now full of litigators, Sharif Gray stands out as a true American trial lawyer unafraid to take even the most difficult cases to trial when that strategy will serve the best interests of his clients. . . . For those in need of personal injury representation in Virginia, Sharif should top the list of contenders.”

    Jill D.

  • “Unlike many modern lawyers, Sharif has tried cases—and many of them. He thrives on trial. He sees it as the best vehicle to get justice for his clients. His sheer volume of experience shows his passion for trial. But he also displays his passion for the art of trial with his RVA trial lawyers podcast. In short, with Sharif you are getting an honest, dedicated, skilled, and passionate advocate for your cause.”

    Quinn A.

  • “I was told Sharif was one of the best lawyers in town, but I had no idea I was also getting one of the best human beings. I don’t think I will ever come across a more decent human being. He just cares about people. Not only did we win the case, everyone in the courtroom room saw what I saw. When we were leaving, I heard people say, ‘can I have your card? I saw what you did in there.’ I will never forget what Sharif did for me and my family.”

    Myra G.

  • “Sharif Gray is an exceptional lawyer. I sought his counsel and he provided advice and assistance that were beyond my expectations. He cares, greatly understands the law and the workings of the courts, and is passionate about his work in the legal profession – including representing and helping others. Above all, he is an example of integrity. I highly recommend Sharif Gray.”

    Thomas L.

  • “My experience with Sharif Gray was exceptional. His knowledge, experience, compassion and professionalism is refreshing and welcomed. Phenomenal lawyer and I would recommend his services to anyone looking for the absolute best in legal representation.”

    Robert O.

  • “Sharif is a tremendous trial attorney who finds nothing more professionally fulfilling than preparing for and going to trial. I have seen firsthand the effort Sharif puts into getting results for his clients. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

    Taylor R.

  • “Sharif is the best of the best! Great personal injury attorney that fights for what is right! Always doing extra education and courses to make himself better. I was highly impressed with his credentials!”

    Tommy C.

  • “All one needs to do to begin to understand Sharif’s passion for the law is to talk with him for just a few minutes. He is helpful, personal, and kind, and if you’re in need of assistance, I highly recommend Sharif Gray.”

    John S.

  • “I’ve known and worked with Sharif for over a decade and have benefitted time and again from his commitment to excellence and attention to detail in execution. You will not find a more tenacious, passionate, and dedicated advocate. Sharif makes your problems his own and works tirelessly to find solutions, no matter the odds.”

    Cabell W.

    Personal Injury Practice Areas in Harrisonburg

      Speak With a Personal Injury Lawyer in Harrisonburg Today

      If you’ve been injured in an accident in Harrisonburg, VA, or in the surrounding Shenandoah Valley, finding the best personal injury lawyer to fight for you is absolutely critical.

      At RVA Personal Injury Lawyers, our legal team is ready to work tirelessly to secure the financial compensation injured victims deserve. 

      Over more than a decade, we’ve built an impeccable track record of success that highlights our commitment to serving those who have faced hardships after devastating accidents.

      From car crashes on busy highways to workplace accidents to everything in between – We’re here to provide highly skilled  and proven legal representation to injury victims. 

      Don’t wait until it’s too late to pursue fair compensation. Give us a call to speak with a personal injury lawyer in the Harrisburg Virginia area today. 

      Success Stories Matter

      Before seeking out a Harrisonburg personal injury attorney, you should have trust in their past record of success and ability to competently represent you. 

      We’ve amassed countless five star ratings from clients who we’ve successfully represented in personal injury cases for a reason – We care about you, your family, and seeking maximum compensation for your injuries.

      Sharif Gray has won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements. Call us at (804) 915-1611 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. We will get justice for you.

      Common Personal Injury Cases We Handle in Harrisonburg

      No two personal injury cases in the Harrisonburg area are exactly the same. With that in mind, we’re prepared to handle your claim, no matter the circumstances.

      Our Harrisonburg personal injury attorneys are ready to take on all types of cases, including, but not limited to: 

      • Car  Accidents: Congested highways like I-81, Route 33, and other major Harrisonburg roads are particularly dangerous for drivers. Whether you’re navigating intersections near James Madison University or traveling on rural roadways, motor vehicle accidents require a VA car collision attorney who’s 100% focused on maximizing compensation for the injuries you’ve suffered. 
      • Medical Malpractice: From missteps during routine procedures to egregious errors at outpatient clinics – The physical and emotional impact of medical malpractice can be life altering. Our medical malpractice attorneys in Virginia are here to hold  negligent healthcare providers accountable for wrongdoings and mistakes. 
      • Slip and Falls: Seemingly minor slip and fall incidents can actually cause very serious injuries. If a property owner in Harrisonburg doesn’t maintain safe conditions, and you’re seriously injured, it’s in your best interest to consult a slip and fall accident lawyer who understands how to determine fault and present your case in a compelling manner. 

      Additional Types of Injury Cases We Take on

      We’re not limited to one type of case over another. We’re well equipped to handle your personal injury claim regardless of your circumstances.

      In addition to the claims mentioned above, we’re also here to assist Harrisonburg residents with the following: 

      Understanding Virginia Personal Injury Law – Key Factors for Harrisonburg Claims 

      When it comes to tort laws in Virginia, a successful outcome (i.e., obtaining fair compensation) hinges on your attorney’s ability to understand the legal framework of personal injury cases in VA.

      Our experienced attorneys have a deep knowledge of these statutes as well as how they can impact your Harrisonburg personal injury claim. 

      Statute of Limitations

      Waiting too late to seek legal advice or file a claim can result in an inability to pursue any compensation at all. That’s because Virginia imposes very strict time limits on filing a lawsuit.

      For the most part, you have two years from the date of the injury to file – But there are exceptions.  Your Harrisonburg personal injury lawyer can quickly establish a clear action plan that will help protect your right to recover damages. 

      Contributory Negligence

      VA is one of four states that follows the principle of contributory negligence. That means that even the smallest degree of fault could potentially bar you from any financial recovery at all.

      A skilled attorney will develop a strategy to combat this rule while seeking justice on your behalf. 

      Insurance Complexities

      Contrary to what the commercials say, insurers are usually more worried about their bottom line than they are about giving accident victims fair compensation.

      Whether the insurance company denies your claim or makes a low ball settlement offer, we’re here to help injury victims in the Harrisonburg community stand up for their right to the damages they’re owed. 

      The Value of Working With a Harrisonburg Personal Injury Lawyer 

      Injured residents of Harrisonburg, VA, have access to hundreds of personal injury lawyers , but how can you choose which is best for you?

      The advantage of working with an attorney who has knowledge of court processes, statutes, and statewide precedents include:  

      • Local Knowledge: Our attorneys understand the intricacies of Harrisonburg courts, medical providers, and insurance companies. Having familiarity with these kinds of entities and navigating local procedures can influence everything from the timing of settlement negotiations to potential strategies for trial. 
      • Accessibility to Harrisonburg Clients: Having statewide reach gives you access to us no matter where you’re at in Virginia. Whether you want to discuss your legal rights, case viability, or how to file a claim, we’re here for injured victims across the Shenandoah Valley. 
      • Community Ties: From the Wounded Warrior Project to Liberation Veteran Services, we have deep ties throughout communities in VA, including Harrisonburg. 
      • Dealing with Medical Matters: Securing expert medical care often hinges on finding specialized practices in this region. Our Harrisonburg personal injury law firm knows which professionals best understand complex injuries, and we’re prepared to work with them to support a favorable outcome in your case.

      Compensation After a Harrisonburg Accident – What You May Be Entitled To 

      Serious injuries following a car accident, workplace incident, or any case with another’s negligence as its catalyst, trigger both tangible and long-term financial ramifications.

      When seeking an insurance company settlement or through a potential personal injury lawsuit, it’s essential to account for these various, sometimes unforeseen, costs:

      • Medical Expenses: Your past and projected medical care should be compensated. Even with health insurance, deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses for specialists at Rockingham Memorial Hospital or in a referral center quickly rack up. Long-term costs, such as rehabilitation or the need for prosthetics, become factors impacting claims.
      • Lost Wages and Future Earnings: If your injury caused weeks or months away from work, or even limits your capacity to function within your career path, this creates economic hardship. A strong argument for fair compensation includes both present-day lost wages and projected losses based on diminished earning capacity.
      • Pain and Suffering: Beyond the initial physical injuries, our Harrisonburg personal injury lawyers understand how they can affect other areas of your life, causing long term physical and mental pain. We’re dedicated to seeking damages for all aspects of your claim. 
      • Special Circumstances: Virginia statutes have specific clauses and precedents that are related to wrongful death suits. Depending on the circumstances, family members of the deceased may be entitled to financial damages for loss of companionship, funeral expenses, and/or a loss of expected income/services. 

      What to Do After a Harrisonburg Injury 

      Taking these steps after an accident not only safeguards your health, but also preserves your legal rights.

      Remember, swift action allows your attorneys more time to collect necessary information, negotiate, and present a persuasive case to the insurers and/or courts (if necessary). 

      Prioritize Medical Attention

      Even if your symptoms are minor or aren’t immediately apparent, it’s essential to either go to the emergency room or schedule an appointment with your primary care physician as soon as possible. 

      Delayed reactions to injuries after events like car accidents, falls, etc., are common. Thorough documentation of your medical care provides essential medical records that you’ll need later for your personal injury claim.

      Regardless of the facility you go to in the Harrisonburg area, this should be among your first steps.

      Document the Scene & Gather Evidence

      If your condition allows it, gather important evidence from the incident, including photos/videos of the accident scene and any associated property damage.

      If applicable, collect information from witnesses who were present at the time. Further, obtaining a police report can serve as critical evidence when determining fault and the circumstances of your injury.

      Limit Social Media Mentions

      Insurance companies can utilize even the most well-intentioned social media posts against injured victims.

      In fact, they actively look for seemingly innocent statements potentially twisting them to diminish the severity of injuries or downplay damages. With that in mind, it’s wise to take a social media hiatus when navigating legal action related to your case.

      Consult a Harrisonburg Personal Injury Lawyer Right Away

      A skilled injury attorney can provide a free and confidential consultation as quickly as possible after your injury occurs.

      With certain injuries, Virginia has strict time limits, so early lawyer involvement helps ensure you file within enough time to protect your eligibility. Learn more about how we can help below. 

      Get Your Free Consultation Today

      At RVA Personal Injury Lawyers, we understand how overwhelming the aftermath of an accident can be. That’s why we offer a free consultation to review the details of your potential personal injury claim and assess how we can help you.

      We operate on a contingency fee basis, meaning you pay no legal fees unless we win your case.

      During your initial meeting, we’ll learn about your accident, examine any evidence, and determine the best course of action. Our compassionate team provides personalized representation, keeping you informed and supported throughout the entire legal process.

      If you’ve been injured in Harrisonburg, VA, don’t wait until it’s too late to pursue compensation. Contact us today for your free initial consultation. 

      Frequently Asked Questions

      I’m not sure if my injury is serious enough for a claim. Should I still contact a lawyer?

      In most cases, 100% yes. Even seemingly minor injuries can have unexpected long-term impacts on your health and livelihood.

      A free consultation with a Harrisonburg personal injury lawyer helps you understand your options and whether seeking compensation is worth pursuing.

      You never know what valuable insights an experienced attorney might uncover with even a brief overview of your case.

      The insurance company offered me a settlement. Should I accept it?

      It’s essential to speak with a personal injury lawyer before accepting any insurance settlement. Initial offers are often much lower than the true value of your claim.

      An attorney can analyze the full extent of your damages (including future medical costs) and skillfully negotiate on your behalf.

      How do I find the right personal injury lawyer for my case?

      In addition to experience and legal knowledge, consider these factors when choosing a Harrisonburg personal injury lawyer:

      • Local Focus: Do they have knowledge of Harrisonburg-specific courts, medical providers, and insurers?
      • Compassion and Accessibility: Do you feel comfortable communicating with them, and are they responsive to your concerns?
      • Fee Structure: Do they work on contingency, meaning you don’t pay unless they win your case?

      What information should I bring to my initial consultation?

      To optimize the time you spend with your attorney during the initial consultation, you should bring the following, if applicable:

      • Medical records and bills related to your injury treatment
      • Accident reports (police report, etc.)
      • Photos of the accident scene and your injuries
      • Insurance information
      • Documentation of lost wages due to the injury

      Can I file a personal injury claim on behalf of a loved one?

      Yes, under certain circumstances. If your loved one was seriously injured and is unable to pursue a claim themselves, or in tragic cases of wrongful death, specific family members may have the right to file a claim.

      Consulting an experienced Harrisonburg personal injury lawyer is the best way to understand this delicate legal matter.


      Based On 105 Reviews

      • $10,000,000

        Defendant, while racing on a residential road, crashed into an oncoming driver causing catastrophic injuries.

      • $9,000,000

        Defendant failed to properly secure a display at its store which led to it falling on a child causing life altering injuries.

      • $1,500,000

        Defendant failed to keep the entrance of its store safe for the public causing significant injuries. 

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