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Our society is bombarded with products. Consumers purchase products without a second thought. You believe the product will work as intended since it has likely undergone testing. There are safety laws and government agencies that regulate various products. Consumers are generally unaware of the process for testing these products. When someone fails in the manufacturing or testing process, it can cause injury. If you suffer an injury from a product defect, speak to a Virginia personal injury lawyer. 

Types of Product Defects 

Generally, product defects fall into a few different categories. Depending on where the defect falls will also determine who is liable for your injury and accident damages. It will heavily dictate how the claim process will go. A Virginia defective products lawyer can investigate your injury and find which category the defect falls under. 


Design defects involve the initial design, meaning every product is defective. It doesn’t mean that every person using the product will suffer an injury, but it is possible. Design defects mean the company that designed the product is responsible. The product will likely be pulled off the shelf indefinitely. Common examples include cars, appliances, power tools, etc. 


When a product is designed safely but still malfunctions, it can be due to a manufacturing defect. It could have been a glitch in factory machinery or a negligent worker. Identifying how many products in the line are impacted by a manufacturing defect is challenging. It could be one or hundreds. The manufacturer is responsible for injuries. They will likely issue a product recall and review the manufacturing process. 

Failure to Warn

Sometimes a product is designed and manufactured appropriately, and it still causes an injury. If products do not have adequate warnings or instructions, they can cause harm to a person. Some standard warnings include keeping the product away from children, not mixing it with other products, or wearing protective equipment. Failure to warn is a marketing error. Warnings and instructions should be clear and easy to understand. 

Theories of Product Liability 

In addition to the type of defective product, you must also determine the theory of liability that contributed to the defect. The three primary considerations are strict liability, negligence, or breach of warranty. When investigating your case, a Virginia defective products attorney will assess where your case falls under:

  • Negligence: this theory involves whether the retailer, manufacturer, or wholesaler uses reasonable care when making or selling the product. 
  • Strict liability: This theory does not consider negligence but still holds the manufacturer liable for injuries.  
  • Breach of warranty: some products fall under express or implied warranties. 

These theories are more complex and require legal assistance to decipher where your claim falls. Yearly, there are 11.7 million people who go to the emergency room to treat product defect injuries. In many cases, these victims have the right to recover compensation. Call a Virginia defective product lawyer immediately after an injury. 

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    Defendant failed to keep the entrance of its store safe for the public causing significant injuries. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

For answers specific to your case, please give us a call at (804) 915-1611 or contact us online.

How long do I have to file a personal injury lawsuit?

The statute of limitations is two years for most personal injury, medical malpractice, and wrongful death cases in Virginia.

For most cases, you must file a lawsuit within that time frame. But there are exceptions. Give us a call at (804) 915-1611 to discuss your options.

What is the amount of a verdict or settlement based on?

In Virginia, the jury considers the following factors when deciding the amount of a verdict:

(1) Any bodily injuries sustained and their effect on health according to their degree and probable duration;

(2) Any physical pain and mental anguish suffered in the past and any that may be reasonably expected to suffer in the future;

(3) Any disfigurement or deformity and any associated humiliation or embarrassment suffered in the past and any that may be reasonably expected to suffer in the future;

(4) Any inconvenience caused in the past and any that probably will be caused in the future;

(5) Any medical expenses incurred in the past and any that may be reasonably expected to occur in the future;

(6) Any earnings lost because of being unable to work at their calling;

(7) Any loss of earnings and lessening of earning capacity, or either, that may reasonably be expected to sustain in the future; and

(8) Any property damage sustained.

Virginia Model Jury Instruction No. 9.000: General Personal Injury and Property Damage

Is there a cap on how much compensation I can receive?

There is no cap on damages in most personal injury cases. But there is a cap on damages in medical malpractice cases. 

There is also a cap on punitive damages. 

Your personal injury lawyer should pursue the full and fair value of what was taken from your health and quality of life.

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Sharif Gray has won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements, and he is known for taking cases to trial.

We are not settlement lawyers. We are committed to trying cases well. Because of that, we do not handle hundreds of cases at a time. We are selective in the cases we take so we can get justice for the people we represent. 

How much is our Attorney’s Fee?

Nothing until we win your case.

We work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we don’t get paid unless you get paid.

If we resolve your case before filing a lawsuit, we charge a fee of up to 33.33% of the recovery. After a lawsuit is filed, we may charge a fee of up to 40% of the recovery.

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